• Song: A 9/11 Every Day

    Song: A 9/11 Every Day
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    Credits: Lyric and music by Bryan Baker. © Brian F Baker. Published by Blind Mime Music, ASCAP. Sources by: Jeff Davis & the Beauregards, anixas, peeler, shaud, Zapruder Red, mystified, kongbalong,…

  • The Every Day Artist

    The Every Day Artist

    I love Jamuna Burry’s blog, The Every day Artist. Her inquisitive nature shines through in short posts exploring the nature of art and artists, plus contributing every day to your…

  • Advice For a New Songwriter

    Advice For a New Songwriter

    The advice you get on social media is often common knowledge wisdom. It’s the kind of things that are filtered down through the years and stick as worthwhile nuggets. When…

  • I Can’t Tell You

    I Can’t Tell You

    Music and lyric by Bryan BakerPublished by Blind Mime Music, ASCAP© Brian F Baker – all rights reserved. The first guitar I purchased was out of the Sears catalog; a…

  • An Introduction to Music Publishing

    An Introduction to Music Publishing

    Let’s be honest- if most musicians had their way, they would never have to think about music publishing. File it under “not the reason they became a musician” along with…

  • Kite On a String

    Kite On a String

    This kite on a stringIs moving to and froAnd this kite on a stringDoesn’t know which way to go Now I know it’s not just meAnd I know it’s just…

  • The Best Advice

    The Best Advice
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    Words and music by Brian F Baker© Bryan Baker, Published by Blind Mime Music, ASCAP. All rights reserved. Original Version Recorded in Bountiful around 2010 for the Elementary Penguins album.…

  • Hey Ruth

    Hey Ruth

    Words and music by Brian F Baker© Brian F Baker, Published by Blind Mime Music, ASCAPAll rights reserved. Hey, RuthWhat are you searching for?Besides a little truthBesides a little truthSometimes the truth can be disguisedIn a thousand little liesAnd sometimes I am blind…Sometimes Mmm…Hey, RuthWhat did you lose back inThe carnival kissing boothDo I want to know the truth?Sometimes a kiss is just a kissUnless you find something you’ve missedAnd sometimes it’s just this…Sometimes I’ve held you close and said these thingsA million times, I knowJust to touch your butterfly wingsAnd watch you die almost Hey, RuthIn a moment you’ll be goneAfter these words becomeWhat I choose to call the truthMmm…Forgotten, but that IWill turn them over in my mindTime after timeSometimes Mmm… Hey, Ruth! Mmm… Hey, Ruth

  • Welcome to Local Historical

    Welcome to Local Historical

    This is the first post on Family Scrolls and we’re hoping to accomplish great things here. I guess you don’t start a website and plan to devote pages and pages…

  • Martin As a Child

    Martin As a Child

    Mom, dad, Martin and Bryan are prompted into a discussion by this photo of Martin.