About The Joy Of Print

Welcome to The Joy Of Print. My name is Briyan Frederick and I’ve been a graphic arts print industry professional my entire work life.

My entry into the field was, effectively, a chance occurrence. Before moving to Salt Lake City after college I sent several dozen letters to various companies I thought would be an interesting start and AlphaGraphics called me in for interview.

I started in 1986 as a delivery driver. At some point the company was shifting some Mac 512 computers into EOL and I purchased one for $50 and began learning Pagemaker and started publishing GAJOOB Magazine.

I studied computer science in college and moved into a position as a graphic designer when the opportunity arose. I’ve been lucky to have a few great design mentors along the way and a lot of great people with whom I’ve worked alongside.

The print industry is one of those places where fellow employees quickly become like family. Maybe it’s the team effort and the stress of constant deadlines. It’s a lot like the restaurant business which is where I spent my high school and college years. Maybe it’s like that where you work too.

Anyway, as I enter the last decade of my graphics career I’ve been thinking of a website where I can collect my experience and help people who need to communicate business or find inspiration for personal and family projects or anything else that requires engaging people with things you see, touch and feel.

TheJoyOfPrint.com is a collection of practical tips, ideas, best practices and efficiencies. A reference book is in the works that will distill a wide range of information needed by business owners and admins tasked with a hundred things like managing a brand, getting business cards, direct mail, building a website, ordering logo’d business apparel, workplace safety communications, forms, stationery, etc., etc.

For instance:

  • Managing your logo and brand materials
  • Planning and creating workplace/office display graphics
  • Creating and installing exterior signage
  • Tips for branded apparel
  • A business guide for promotional items
  • Managing forms
  • Instilling a workplace safety culture
  • Ideas for onboarding staff and clients

I could go on, but you can also just wander around the website, browsing or searching for something specific.

The handbook is coming along; you might find it at your favorite bookseller in the fall of 2024.

Do download The Joy Of Print newsletter. It’s available here or your local printshop can license (for free) and print to share the joy of print with their customers and grow their businesses (besides giving people a lot of cool ideas they can do with print and other graphics).

And no passion would be complete without a podcast and youtube channel. I’ll be showing and discussing there as much as writing and illustrating here. These will also provide the perfect forum for talking with other industry folks, small business owners, administrators and others doing notable graphics and joyful printing.

Please make contact and let me know what you like and what you might want to see in future articles, videos and podcasts.