About Us

LocalHistorical.com is a website developed by Briyan Frederick (aka Bryan Baker) to explore local history and provide resources and services geared toward preserving and presenting history in ways that engage us to learn and appreciate how it impacts our lives.

I’ve always had a passion for documenting, cataloging, archiving and presenting things in different ways. As publisher of GAJOOB, a niche magazine covering underground recording artists, I maintain one of the largest libraries of underground albums in the world. The archive has been accessible online starting with early bulletin board systems, pre-world wide web, and I continue digitizing, cataloging and developing its presentation. 

Personal and local history is an engrossing personal interest. My career for 30+ years has been in graphic arts, managing design and operations for a system of production graphic arts shops in the Salt Lake City area. A large part of our business is signage and displays for businesses and I’ve learned and gained much insight into ways local museums and others, including families with personal history needs, can best manage and present local and personal history with graphic flare and interactive engagement.

This website will explore a range of historical methods, document and feature local museums and other outlets, list resources, foster activities and provide services to help people everywhere from local historical societies to individual families make your history come alive.

dabodab is best described as a blog about various things DiY. Music, zines, graphic arts, print, crafts, publishing, local and personal history, business, app development and AI. I am Briyan Frederick (aka Bryan Baker), probably best known as the publisher of GAJOOB and a founder of Tapegerm Collective read more.


There seems to be structure; but it’s obliterated by a mix that strangles the music when the vocalist comes in.gajoobzine.com/albums/rrope-vienna-noise-choir-split-vinyl-1994/